Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Whole lot of randomness...

I've been away for a while getting my grind on, trying to make some money and then move me & the hubby down south. I'm thinking Houston, for some reason it's calling me and no it's not because of Paul Wall or Candy Paint. LOL!!! The cost of living down south is SWEET and the DC area sucks ass big time on affordable housing and what not. Plus, I love hot weather and I'm getting sick of this Mid-East weather. I was born in Houston, but I haven't been there since I could talk. So, it's all about getting money! And how am I doing that you ask? AUTOSURFING! Yeah, it's not a scam or a pyramid scheme, forget what you've heard! I might just do a whole post about autosurfing later.

Anyway, This morning I heard the word Bitch more times than a Busta Rhymes CD.
These 3 guys (HS age) on the train, were using it like it was getting recalled from the dictionary.
They used it against one another, talked about some girl they knew as a "bald headed bitch"
Oh and I forgot to mention ho, they used that a lot too.
And they had this girl with them who was looking up at them with this shit eating grin.
She was a little tomboy-ish, but I could tell she liked one of the guys.
Oh and they were also talking about guns and their boy who got locked up for brandishing one in broad daylight.

Good times....Good times....