Friday, November 18, 2005

Beyonce...Tard or Super Genius...

I've always been partial to thinking she was a bit of a 'tard.

Exhibits A through E:

Bey Quotes:

"Y'all are so cute and y'all talk so proper over here. I love England."

"The more successful I become, the more I need a man."

"I'd done a couple of sitcoms earlier on, but I wasn't very good in them, so I thought that meant I couldn't act."

"The great thing about McDonald's is that they have a lot of different things on the menu. I love their salads."

"You know what, I'm very attracted to someone who makes me laugh and is that charming. Really, I could be charmed by anyone. I'm just a sucker for somebody that is charming. "

Not only that, but she's got that killer southern drawl and regularly messes up words. I won't even remind everyone about the Oprah interview where she was asked what her favorite book was and she had NO RESPONSE. Oprah was even prompting her "it can be any book"; I mean she couldn't have even thought to say the BIBLE with as much as she espouses how much of a Christian she is.

Exhibits F & G:

"Who I am on stage is very, very different to who I am in real life. But I don't see that having a sexy image when you are on stage means that you don't love God. No one knows what I'm really like from that. I like to walk around with bare feet and I don't like to comb my hair. I'm always so glammed up and so diva on stage and that's what they see. People don't understand that... No one knows my personal relationship with God and it's not up to me to prove that to anyone."

"For me, it's about the way I carry myself and the way I treat other people. My relationship and how I feel about God and what He does for me, is something deeply personal. It's where I came from, my family, I was brought up in a religious household and that's very important to me. But I understand the mentality of people. I know that people judge others based on certain things. I know how celebrities really are. I've done it too. You meet people - rock stars, rappers, whoever - who you have seen on television and you go into their homes and they are regular people, just like everyone else."

But then I saw the video where she was being interviewed in Europe and I started to think, maybe this 'tard thing is just an ACT!

I can't find the video now, but it's out there!

A quote from a viewer: "She was snippy in the clips as a kid too....she was probably mean to the other girls at times. I remember reading Farrah's story in S2S and she talked about how Bey and Kelly put Michelle through so much. Note when the "I'm a good shy girl" act started coming out...right when chicks were being thrown out the group and everyone was saying Beyonce was a bitch"


Thursday, November 10, 2005


Okay, with my Direct TV subscription I was introduced to the wonderful LOGO channel! I absolutely love it, love it I tell ya! Last week I was watching The Butch Mystique which dealt with Butch lesbians in the black community. It was so awesome and interesting to hear black butches talk about themselves and their communites and what they go through.

The next show I'm amped to watch is Power Lesbians which premieres Sat. Nov. 12th at 9pm EST. Synopsis: Set in Los Angeles, the characters all live in designer homes with palm-lined pools in their back yards, a lifestyle to aspire to. Because of their beauty, success and shameless ambition, they break all previous stereotypes. They've been identified as a new breed, the power lesbian. Join Rebecca Loos, our host, to find out if this new breed really exists, or is it just another Hollywood fantasy.

Now, what burns my britches is that in the preview I saw NO black power lesbians. WHY? Is it the inherent homophobia in the black community that keeps would be "power lesbians" in the closet? Is it because blacks as a whole have so little power anyway, that there are no black "power lesbians" because there are so few black "power females" in general? Someone answer this for me. I know that there exists femme black lesbians that must be doing their thang somewhere.

Okay, now onto what is my new favorite scripted series on LOGO....Noah's Ark!

Synopsis: Noah's Arc explores the lives of four black gay men in Los ngeles - Noah, Alex, Ricky and Chance - as they navigate complex romantic and professional relationships. Noah is a struggling screenwriter embarking on a relationship with a newly out man; Alex is an HIV/AIDS counselor struggling to overcome the seven-year relationship itch; Ricky is a trendy Melrose boutique owner who shuns commitment in favor of casual flings; and Chance is a college professor reluctant to commit to his new boyfriend, perhaps with good reason. Often described as a black gay "Sex and the City", Noah's Arc offers a refreshing look at gay life in the City of Angels - with a uniquely diverse twist.

My only beef with this show is that all of the main character's are femme black gay men, when we ALL know there are a lot of butch black men, but maybe I don't know the culture well enough and it's realistic that a group of femme black gay men would be friends, but not a group of femme and butch men would be friends. I don't know...someone drop some knowledge for me. Now many of the main characters love interests are butch black men, but that IMO further's the sterotypical gender roles that I know that all gay men do not live by.

To all my LGBT peeps, do you want to be CAST on a LOGO show?