Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Long time no birthday is tomorrow...etc.

Long time no blog

The annoying co-worker got fired. I wanted her to leave, but on her own accord. I hope she finds a new job soon because she's a single mom and she moved here about 5 mths. ago from NYC and doesn't even have any family here. I gave her a reccomendation of a good temp place I used to work for. Even if they don't have an assignment to send you out on, you get paid because you come to their office to work. It's cool.

Also with her being fired and them not having the forsight to hire anyone else yet, I'm answering the dayum phone. Hazards of being in an office of 6 full-time workers (now 5). I am also just officially ready to leave. This 9-5 thing isn't for me. So, I've been really working on my side "hustle" my haircare website and message board...SHAMELESS PLUG...Diaspora Hair Care!

Last week I went to two seminars; one was a full day seminar "Business Exchange: 2005 Tour for Success" given by Global Diversity Group. It was excellent and I learned a lot and got some good networking in. The second seminar I went to was on branding your business by William Maxwell of WM Graphics, that was really good as well.

My hope is to get my business running as a full time venture through mainly advertising by salons and hair care product companies, so anyone who's got the hook up...hook a sistah up!

My Birthday is Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday and I am so underwhelmed it's not even funny. I mean it really just crept up on me, because I didn't even realize until Sunday night that my birthday was this week. Tomorrow my parents are taking my husband and I out to eat for dinner, but other than that I don't really even know if I'm going to 'do" anything for my birthday. I don't even know if I want to "do" anything, scratch that...I definitely want my husband to take me out this weekend, but I have a feeling he won't. I know he's getting me something, but I have no idea what. He asked me what I wanted and I told him to surprise me, so I'm really in the dark. As a present to myself I think I'm going to get my hair done this weekend, but other than that I have no real plans.


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