Friday, September 02, 2005

Random Thoughts on Katrina

I'm copying and pasting this from a random thoughts posting I made on my msgboard

I am in a drugged stupor.
I could never be an addict it's crazy feeling like this.
Like everything is in slow motion.
I couldn't even remember any of my passwords for a minute.
My cold has kicked in with full force so I'm trying to kick in with the meds.

I had not watched the news on Katrina.
Not until this morning
I sat up in bed and cried.
I was okay with just reading about it in print and not really looking at pictures.
But seeing it on tv. :sad:
I wanted to shake everyone on the train and say, what are you doing to help?
My dad may have to wait on his loan money back.
I gotta do more. :sad:
It's so sad, yet people are going around and living their normal lives.

Man is really an animal.
I mean if you didn't think so before, look at NO now.
Survival of the fittest is a MOFO.
I was thinking what was God's plan in all of this?
A lot of the people who didn't die in the floods, may die of disease.
Foolish, foolish man
we think we are invicible (esp. America) and then something like this happens.
Yet, since it hasn't touched the masses ppl. still think they're invicible.

Little strife seems so trivial at a time like this.
Message board wars, liars, catfighting, what does Bey's real hair look like...
Who cares?


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