Tuesday, August 30, 2005

When will it end???

The dreaded message board wars!

Okay, so in the ashes of the war of LHCF another site was created...I will not give it free publicity by mentioning the name of the site. This site, like LHCF is just a cover for the message board (the heart and soul of most hair sites). Well, I borrowed some of their legal verbage and now they're trying to jump bad and indirectly start some mess by leaving up a post about it. Then they respond to the post to say that their "legal team" is looking into it. They can look all they'd like legal-ese is legal-ese. Also, what they need to have their legal team look into is their use of celebrity pictures without their express consent as well as the images of women with out their photo releases. HA! But do I go on their site and point that out...NO! Do I go on my site and point it out on one of my public forums...NO!

I'm starting to feel like I have too much class for this world. I do this for the love of hair...really I love it. I'm a frustrated non-cosmetologist. I want to do big things and these crabs are trying to pull me down. Just let me live, I'll live in my little corner of cyberspace and you can live in yours.

Take the gloves off people!


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