Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Marriage...that perfect balance between loving someone and wanting to kill them...

I am a newlywed, but I've been with my husband for four years at the end of September. We had a minor break last year for about eight months where we still saw each other, but weren't exclusive and then we got back together in December of '04.

I was just imagining marriage to be a different animal than it is. I don't know exactly what I expected, but it's not this. I wanted to be the fun married couple, not the boring one. This is our routine: Weekdays come home from work he eats dinner and watches ESPN downstairs, I eat dinner and watch whatever or get on the computer upstairs. We come together at like 10 and maybe watch a show or a half a show and then he goes to sleep. I stay up between 11 and midnight and go to sleep. Rinse and Repeat.

What the hell happened to my life? I'm only twenty-five!


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