Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Marriage...that perfect balance between loving someone and wanting to kill them...

I am a newlywed, but I've been with my husband for four years at the end of September. We had a minor break last year for about eight months where we still saw each other, but weren't exclusive and then we got back together in December of '04.

I was just imagining marriage to be a different animal than it is. I don't know exactly what I expected, but it's not this. I wanted to be the fun married couple, not the boring one. This is our routine: Weekdays come home from work he eats dinner and watches ESPN downstairs, I eat dinner and watch whatever or get on the computer upstairs. We come together at like 10 and maybe watch a show or a half a show and then he goes to sleep. I stay up between 11 and midnight and go to sleep. Rinse and Repeat.

What the hell happened to my life? I'm only twenty-five!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

When will it end???

The dreaded message board wars!

Okay, so in the ashes of the war of LHCF another site was created...I will not give it free publicity by mentioning the name of the site. This site, like LHCF is just a cover for the message board (the heart and soul of most hair sites). Well, I borrowed some of their legal verbage and now they're trying to jump bad and indirectly start some mess by leaving up a post about it. Then they respond to the post to say that their "legal team" is looking into it. They can look all they'd like legal-ese is legal-ese. Also, what they need to have their legal team look into is their use of celebrity pictures without their express consent as well as the images of women with out their photo releases. HA! But do I go on their site and point that out...NO! Do I go on my site and point it out on one of my public forums...NO!

I'm starting to feel like I have too much class for this world. I do this for the love of hair...really I love it. I'm a frustrated non-cosmetologist. I want to do big things and these crabs are trying to pull me down. Just let me live, I'll live in my little corner of cyberspace and you can live in yours.

Take the gloves off people!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Message Board Wars...

Okay, I own a website and a messageboard about hair. ( Diaspora Hair Care) Well, I started it after being a longtime member of some other hair boards originally BHSGO then BHCAB and then that led me to LHCF (if you're in the black haircare msgboard world, you'll know the acronyms). I was happy at LHCF for a long time until some stuff jumped off that I wasn't too happy about and I didn't like how it was run or who it was run by so I decided to start my own for people who wanted something different in the hairboard world. Because of that I was BANNED from LHCF (the audacity), well after that all HAYELL broke loose because the owner of that board had some risque pictures of herself online and they fell into some different hands. Well, I got accused of leaking her pictures (all lies) and some people thought that was why I was banned, but I was banned well before. Anywho...the other day there was another round of bannings on her site and then people start mentioning that they might defect to other sites, my sites being one and her flunky starts bringing up old shit and saying junk indirectly about me and directly about my site and members.

Message board wars are crazy!

Trying to attack me and act all smugly?
Well life is harsh, hug me, don't reject me or make conversations to disrespect me, blatant or indirectly..

Friday, August 12, 2005

Long time no post...

I'm on a f*cking MAC at work so I can't do any neat fonts or anything, but anyway...
I have a new job, well I've had it since after the fourth of July. I like it, my work isn't hard, I'm getting paid more, my boss isn't a total @sshole, but I have a co-worker who annoys the f*ck out of me. She talks all the goddamn time, I mean just says anything, asks me what freaking day it is when I know it's on both our computer and our phones, gives a play by play on what she's working on. And not only that, we're in the same office with a cubicle partition between our desks yet she feels like she has to come on to my side and speak to me while directly looking into my face. Well, usually I'm on my messageboard ( Diaspora Hair Care) and I do not want her joining or asking me about it, so I'm minimizing my screen about a million times a day. This job would be so great if not for her! Luckily, she's thinking about looking for another job. I'm also thinking about going the passive-aggressive way and asking my supervisor if I can be moved into another office. I just need some freaking peace and quiet. You would think she never heard of the internet - woman you do not need me to entertain you go online, that's what the internet is for!

Oh, also she's black, too. But she is so ghetto and doesn't even know it. I mean she has her AA in like child development and a BA in something else, but she's so fucking unprofessional it's not even funny. She will come in the office talking on her cell with it on that 2 way thing so that the whole office can hear both sides and loudly. Then she has her cell ringer on during the day and it's ringer goes "Pick up the phone batty" *bashing my head into the wall* She will also take a call and stay on her cell way longer than she should. Add all of this to the fact that she says some of the most racist stuff about black people herself along with having a thing for white blonde guys. Oh and she tells me on like my second day every freaking thing that she is made up of (Spanish, Irish, Black, blah-blah-blah) I didn't ask and it had shit to do with anything, add all this to her being the color of Angela Basset at least, so it's not like I was wondering "hey what's this girl mixed with".