Thursday, July 07, 2005

Santorum is an asshole...

Sen. Rick Santorum compares abortion to slavery in his new book "It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good," which is being promoted as an alternative to the views of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the book, Santorum makes the case that abortion puts the liberty rights of the mother before those of her child, just as the rights of slave owners were put before those of slaves.

"This was tried once before in America," Santorum writes. "But unlike abortion today, in most states even the slaveholder did not have the unlimited right to kill his slave." Article

Is he fucking kidding me?

Slaveholders didn't have the unlimited right to kill their slaves, what fairytale of slavery has he been reading? Not only did slaveholders get no time for killing their slaves, but the killing of black people by the hands of whites have not been prosecuted for the longest time. Lynchings have been going on from 1865-1965! Please read more about lynchings: African American Holocaust.

How can you compare slavery to abortion...HOW!?!? What is the correalation?!?!?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Families are CRAZY!

Today, I came back from my family reunion in Baltimore that I helped plan along with my father. We had ppl. come from as far as Michigan and Mississippi and places in between. Now we charged $30 for adults and $15 for kids and that included a catered dinner, reduced roomrates at the hotel, meeting rooms for the ice breaker & dinner, and prizes for give-aways and games. So, we went to a museum on Saturday and ppl. complained about the price for the museum, it was only $6.80 for adults, yet they complained like it should have been included. They also wanted a shuttle bus or van so we wouldn't have to caravan, but they balked in the beginning when we wanted the price to be $50 for adults and $25 for children which could have paid for the museum and shuttle bus. I mean really what the heck do ppl. expect for $30?