Monday, June 27, 2005

No panties with necessary

Whew, finally a blog of my own. A place where I can ramble and muse at will. So, here I am with a blog and nothing to say...don't you hate that?

Okay, let's start with my title: No panties with necessary
Am I the only one who just started going "commando"? I've spent so much time worrying about panty lines when the clear answer is don't wear any drawls *yes, I said drawls*. Unfortunately, the hubster thinks not wearing any panties is a shall I say...déclassé. But hey, what do guys know? I'm thinking this is a black thing though, ya know! Like, I think that a lot of black people think it's a little skanky, but white girls have been on the no panties thing for a minute and we're just now catching up. I say to hell with what people think, Shit... No panties with necessary


Blogger LaBellaSharie said...

Dependin on the jean i dun wear underwear wit jeans...but maybe cuz i go to school wit white pple thas where i picked it up from...

3:58 PM  

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